Sailing Dinghy Rental

Hourly Sail Boat Rentals on Koh Tao

Hourly, half-day & full-day sailboat rentals at an affordable price. Our sailing dinghies can be rented with or without a skipper and are a ton of fun to sail. Perfect for adventure sailing holidays.

Zuma Sailing Dinghy Rental



The Zuma is a great training dinghy.  It is designed to be small but have a high boom to prevent injuries. Its hull is extremely stable for its size and its cockpit is actually quite roomy. Its small size makes it easy to right if you capsize and the chance of damaging the rig is small. The Zuma is a perfect boat for refreshing old skills and to improve your sailing technique..

Laser Sailing Dinghy Rental



Currently, we have three Laser sailboats.  The Laser is the most popular racing dinghy in the world with over 200,000 built. Its is a fast and maneuverable boat making it perfect for learning and racing.  We currently have three different rigs for sailing in all different weather conditions and skill levels.

Hobie Getaway Sailing Dinghy Rental

Hobie Getaway


The Hobie Getaway was specifically designed for family sailing, meaning maximum fun and maximum stability. The Getaway two bench seats that allow you to experience the sensation of flying over the water and two cooler/compartments ensure that your belongings stay dry and your drinks stay cold. The Hobie Getaway’s speed makes it the perfect for circumnavigating around Koh Tao.

Solo Sailing Dinghy Rental

Sailing Dinghy Rental without a Skipper

For those with prior sailing experience only


If you can demonstrate sailing competency, we offer you the chance to rent one of our sailboats for a solo sailing experience on Koh Tao. One of our experienced instructors will evaluate your skill level prior to allowing you off shore aboard our sailing dinghies. If you need instructions, sailing techniques can be learned ono on one with hourly sailing lessons and on longer more detailed sailing courses.

Laser Dinghy Rental
without Skipper

from THB 1000

  • 1-2 persons
  • Perfect for sailing just the two of you…Lasers are fast, very good close to the wind and provide a great way to explore the bays close to Sairee Beach and beyond. Boat hire periods start at 1 hour full sailing time. Rigging and launching times are free of charge.
  • Hire the boat for more than 1 hour – massive discounts apply!
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Hobie Catamaran Rental
without Skipper

from THB 2000

  • 1-6 person
  • Rent our Hobie Catamaran for a day or a couple of hours. Boat rental periods start at one hour full sailing time!. One of the benefits of the Catamaran is that there’s plenty of space for a few extra mates.
  • For rental periods of more than 1 hour massive discounts apply!
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Solo Sailing Pass50% discount on the hourly rate

THB 5,000

Per Pass
  • Zuma/Laser/Hobie
  • 10 Hours on Hobie, 5 Hours Laser
  • If you have undertaken sailing tuition with Sailing Koh Tao and now wish to rent our dinghies at a discounted rate, our 10 hour sailing pass offers a 50% discount on the standard hourly rate.
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Skippered Sailing Dinghy Rental

Sailing Dinghy Rental with a Skipper

For those with no prior sailing experience


We love taking new customers sailing around Koh Tao to experience our beautiful island paradise from fantastic new perspectives. Interested in sitting back, relaxing aboard one of our boats while one of our skippers takes you sailing? Skippered hourly sailing dinghy rental is for you.

Laser Sailing Dinghy Rental
with Skipper

THB 1,600

Per Hour
  • 1 person
  • 1 Hour
  • Laser sailing is great fun! Our Lasers sailing dinghies are fast and a lot of fun to sail. If you want a taste of what its like to sail one of the most popular sailing dinghies ever made, this is the option for you.
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Hobie Catamaran Rental
with Skipper

THB 2,600

Per Hour
  • 1-6 persons
  • 1 Hour
  • Rent our Hobie Catamaran on an hourly basis. One of the benefits of the Catamaran is that there’s plenty of space for a few extra mates. Bring cold beers/wine, some lunch and a few friends. The price is per boat per hour and NOT per person.
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Solo sailing or sit back, relax and let someone else do the driving.


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