Sailing Dinghy Rental Fleet @ FLOWER Restaurant, South Sairee Beach, Nr MAYA Beach Club, Koh Tao. Thailand.

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  • March 21, 2014
Sailing Dinghy fleet viewed from the south toward Koh Nang Yuan

Why not Book a sailing lesson on Koh Tao aboard
one of our sailing dinghies? – Call today on 093 645 2826.

We have five sailing dinghies, located on south Sairee beach in front of the fantastic “Flower Restaurant”. Our customers get 10% discount if they order food from Flower. Perfect for relaxing after you’ve worked up an appetite whilst sailing.

Solo Sailing Rentals work like this: You sign a disclaimer vouching for your competency in sailing your chosen dinghy. Next, we take payment and give you a detailed briefing on the underwater topography of Sairee beach. There is lots of coral around koh tao and we take the protection of this incredible asset as seriously as any dive school. We teach you how to avoid damaging this coral, yourself and our boats by sticking to the designated safe track in and out of Sairee. Then, we watch you rig your sail boat and help you into the water, when you are sure you are ready, we let go and its all on you. We want you to have fun with our sailing dinghies but please be prompt with their return. Bookings can get pretty close together in high season and we don’t like our next customers to have to hang on too long for their ride.

Skippered Sailing Dinghy Rentals work like this: You don’t have to sign a disclaimer because your skipper is in charge. All you need do is get in touch with us by phone or email to book a sailing trip. We will meet you at the boats or guide you down Flower Restaurant from the office in Mae Haad. Your Skipper will rig the boat ready for your departure, supply you with life vests and mask & snorkels if required. Then you will be briefed on any safety concerns and taught how to move across the boat while underway. If there is more than one of you, you may be asked to assist in guiding the boat out into sufficiently deep water before jumping back aboard and getting underway. For this you will be provided with reef shoes to protect your feet from the razor sharp corals.

We have 3 Laser GXD Stndrd sailing dinghies

The Laser Standard is the most popular race sailing dinghy in the world with over 200,000 built. It is fast, highly maneuverable and a blast to sail in any wind condition. We also have two smaller sails for the Laser enabling anyone of any skill level to sail with peace of mind.

We own one Zuma sailing dinghy

The Zuma’s stability and high boom height make it a perfect training boat. It is perfect for refreshing old skills and learning new ones. Our Zuma sailing dinghy has a smaller sail area than the Laser Standard. This helps make it a little safer for inexperienced sailors in stronger wind conditions

We have an 18ft Hobie Getaway multi hull dinghy sailboat

The Hobie Getaway is a catamaran designed for 1-6 people. It is comfortable, fast sailing dinghy and a perfect snorkeling platform. It also boasts dual watertight compartments that double as coolers for your beers on longer excursions.

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