Ang Thong Marine Park Cruise

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  • March 21, 2014

Panaoramic View of the Ang Thong Marine Park taken looking aft from SY Freedom Fargo

With 42 islands spread out over 102 square kilometers, Ang Thong Marine Park is one of our most popular charter destinations. We sail to the Ang Thong from Ko Tao, where you are then free to explore the cave systems, hidden lagoons, beautiful secluded beaches, view points and the wild life. Snorkelling around the Ang Thong can be truly spectacular.

The following is a scenario of a possible itinerary for the 4 Day Ang Thong National Marine Park Safari. This itinerary is subject to change according to wind direction, speed and guests specifications:

Angthong Marine Park Sailing Safari Day 1

You will be picked up from your accommodation at 9am, then meet the Island Cruises team on board your charter yacht and set sails to cover the distance from Koh Tao to the Angthong Marine Park. Lunch will be served aboard the Island Cruises Sailing Yacht.

Upon arrival in Angthong (approx. 4-5pm), guests can shake off their sea legs for an evening on the beach of Koh Wua Talap. Dinner will be served aboard around sunset.

Angthong Marine Park Sailing Safari Day 2

Enjoy a hearty breakfast served and provided by your Island Cruises team, then take a light hiking excursion to the best view point in the area; some say perhaps one of the best view points in Thailand itself.
At this time of the day, hours before the first tour boats can arrive, our guests are having the whole trail completely for themselves.

Meet up with a family of Dusky Languor monkeys. This species allows to be observed incredibly close.

For the completion of the trail, basic fitness and shoes are a must but the reward is a fantastic panorama of scattered limestone islands. On the way back say hello to the monkey family. Once you’re back on the beach, have a little break before heading to Bua Boke Cave. When you return, lunch will be waiting aboard your temporary home. After lunch we will set sails for Koh Saamsao and have a look at the famous stone bridge. We will also have time to enjoy some snorkeling in the bay. Then it will be time to hoist the anchor again and get to the final destination of the day, Koh Mae Koh. After a little beach exploration dinner will be served on board your charter yacht.

Angthong Marine Park Sailing Safari Day 3

After breakfast we’re visiting Talay Nai (inner sea), an emerald green lagoon surrounded by limestone bluffs, connected to the sea only by an underwater tunnel. Looking at this natural wonder tells you up and close how somebody could have lived the life described in the book “The Beach” by Alex Garland.

It’s time for going up anchor again and start sailing towards the northern islands of the Angthong Marine Park where we will find a small lagoon at Koh Tai Plaow.

Once we get there and we notice one or two tour boats, we’ll be having a change of plan, and set with our fast dinghy, over to Ko Ngam and Ko Rork to go snorkeling through some cool cave tunnels! We are on a flexible schedule here.

Mostly the area around these islands has good visibility under water. When you’re snorkeling through a tunnel from the eastern to the western side of Koh Rork, the tunnel opens on the other side and gives you the view to a perfectly alive coral garden. Some of our guests are a little bit afraid of the little black tip reef shark who is waiting for us at the other tunnel entrance but after a little mental support, most of them wouldn’t want to miss this attraction.

After the tour boats disappeared we’ll still have time to visit the little lagoon on Koh Tai Plaow, one of many attractions of the Angthong Marine Park.

On request, and if our customers need internet access we’ll be setting sails after lunch and do the 5 hour sail to Koh Phangan where our guests can have an evening ashore after dinner.

Angthong Marine Park Sailing Safari Day 4

In the morning we will hoist the sails and be on our way to sail back from Koh Phangan to our home harbor in Koh Tao.

The journey will take about seven hours and we’re expecting to have really relaxed downwind for proper sailing waiting for us. We will drop anchor in Mae Haad or Sairee at about 4-5pm, early enough to find a room if you need to. If you need accommodation on Koh Tao, we will be happy to assist you.

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